Standard Operating Procedure

Target audience: Account manager or marketing specialist in charge of basic SEO troubleshooting for agency client website. 

OverviewFollow these steps to add a sitemap to the client’s shopify store. 
Equipment & SuppliesClient’sGoogle Search Console credentials.
PrerequisitesClient’s website verified by Google.

Step 1: In your browser’s address bar, go to Click on the green button labeled Search Console. If prompted, enter the client’s username and password.

Step 2: Open a second tab in your browser. To ensure there are no other sitemaps pointing to the client’s webpage, enter the following URL in the second tab’s address bar:

Step 3: Your browser should indicate the page could not be found. Proceed to step 4.

  • If you see content as in the image below, perform the steps outlined in steps 12 to 13 of this guide, and begin again from step 2. 

Step 4: On the Google Sites main dashboard, click the tab labeled Sitemaps on the left hand side of the webpage. 

Step 5: Under the section titled Add a new sitemap, type “sitemap.xml.”

  • It is critical you type exactly “sitemap.xml”, as other variations such as Sitemap.xml or sitemap.XML will result in Google not indexing the client’s site. 

Step 6: On the right hand side, click the blue button labeled Submit.

Step 7: Upon clicking Submit, a popup message will indicate the sitemap was successfully created. 

Step 8: When the popup message disappears, navigate to the table labeled Submitted Sitemaps. On the status column, verify that the word success is displayed in green. 

  • This indicates the sitemap loaded correctly, and no further action on your part is required. 

Step 9: If the operation was not successful, the status column will instead show [X] errors, where [X] is a number starting from 1. 

  • This number indicates the number of errors that must be fixed to proceed with submitting the sitemap. 

Step 10: Click on the status column to see error details. 

  • If fixing the errors are beyond your technical abilities, please contact a member of the development team. 

Step 11: Once the errors have been fixed, you must resubmit the sitemap by repeating steps 1 – 8 of this guide. 

Step 12: Click the symbol at the top right hand corner of the webpage. Click the option labelled remove sitemap.

Step 13: You will get a popup asking to confirm the delete operation. Click cancel to cancel the operation, or click remove to proceed with the operation. 

Version History

DateNameChangesApproved byDate
20.10.19Giancarlo GuerraAdded screenshots. Edited for clarity. Supervisor X25.10.19
12.11.19Giancarlo GuerraRemoved whitespace. Formatting.Supervisor Y15.11.19

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